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Album - Freda Payne's "Band of Gold"

A while back, I was at my favorite local record store, Electric Eye Records, and while I was flipping through the Soul section, the owner, Andy, mentioned that the album at the front was a gem. I picked it up and looked at it. Freda Payne? I'd never heard of her. He put the album on and I listened to a few of the songs while shopping. I took it home because I can always rely on his recommendations.

I was instantly hooked from the first listen. I'm amazed at the fact I'd never heard of her. There are so many fantastic soul acts that are well known, and rightfully so, but I was surprised I'd never heard of her. This album was released in 1970 and peaked at No. 60 on the Billboard 100.

Stand-out tracks include, "Band of Gold," "This Girl Is a Woman Now," (a cover), and "The Easiest Way to Fall." But my absolute favorite track is "Unhooked Generation," embedded below.

Unfortunately, the album is not available to stream on any provider, likely due to a licensing issue. You can listen to the full album on Youtube here, or buy the vinyl album or CD at your local record store.

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