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Album - Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

This is the first classical album I ever bought new. Some people think of classical music as old and unchanged, but neo-classical and postmodernist music have grown in popularity, especially over the last decade.

Max Richter’s discography is not simply classical. As a contemporary composer, he’s released personal projects as well as scores for film, television, theater, and dance. His work goes beyond a traditional symphony orchestra, sometimes incorporating synthesizers and spoken word.

His newest album, The New Four Seasons, comes out this Friday, 10 years after the original release of Recomposed. In this new release, Richter has reworked Recomposed using period strings.

"Asked about the difference in sound between modern and period strings, he laughs: 'I heard someone say it’s the difference between smooth peanut butter and crunchy peanut butter, which encapsulates it really well!'"

For more information, visit For links to purchase any of Max Richter's releases, click here.

Here's one of the songs off the new album, The New Four Seasons.

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